‚ÄčThe Swimming Hole Studio

The Swimming Hole Studio is a small project Studio suitable for solo artists or small ensembles.
It has an eight channel per track capability with unlimited tracks so is set up for drum recording and live multiple instruments and voices.
Studio time includes my time as audio engineer. I can also mix and master with or without collaboration at the same rates as below.
The studio does not have a separate sound room at this time.


For studio recording and post production work:
$60 per hour
$200 half day (4 hours)
$300 full day (5-12 hours)
$250 per day for multiple days


DAW Cubase 6.5
NI Kontakt 4
NI Battery 3
Halion Symphonic Orchestra
Presonus firepod 8 inputs with pre amps
Studio Projects VTB1 preamp
ProXL 4 track headphone amp
Rockit 5 monitors
Studio Projects SP5 large diaphragm condenser
SM Pro Audio large diaphragm condenser
CAD GXL 1200 pencil condenser x2
Shure SM58 dynamic
Shure SM57 dynamic x2
Sennheiser e840S dynamic
Sennheiser e825S dynamic
Audix OM-2 dynamic
M Audio ProKeys 88 weighted action keyboard
Ibanez Bass
Ibanez electric guitar
Taylor acoustic (concert)
Karina acoustic (dreadnought)
Ukelele with pick-up
Various percussion

General info:
The studio is located in the country so there are no shops within 15 minutes drive so please bring your own lunch and dinner. If you intend working late you are welcome to join us for dinner for an extra $15. Tea and coffee is provided free.
Mobiles are out of range here but you are welcome to use the landline and broadband connection.

Contact info:
Andy Hamilton
Ph: 09 420 4406
Email: andyhamilton@xtra.co.nz
Website: http://www.andyhamilton.co.nz/
Address: 990 Krippner Road
                 RD1 Silverdale

Getting here: