​                                                                                       Recording in Schools​                     

                               * Showcasing your schools talent       
* Fundraising            * Lasting record of precious performances

                How it works and what you get.

* I set up my recording studio at your school for one day and record the children’s performances.
These can be: Spoken word, Soloists (vocal or instrumental), Groups (rock/folk, ensembles, Kapa Haka, classical etc), and choirs (any size).

* Recording is then professionally mixed and mastered in my studio to produce a CD.

* Design of sleeve, CD cover and booklet, using your artwork.

* Booklet design will include all track information including name, performer and writing credits.

* First off, proof copy of CD.

* Produce artwork for Poster, using your artwork. (I will supply a pdf for a promotional poster).

* MP3 files of all finished tracks which can be uploaded to your school website.
I can also supply 20sec MP3 samples of tracks which can be used as tasters.

Standard cost $940

Additional costs:
100 CD’s $350 (total cost $12.90 per CD)*
200 CD’s $600 (total cost $7.70 per CD)*
300 CD’s $840 (total cost $5.93 per CD)*
400 CD’s $1040 (total cost $4.95 per CD)*
500 CD’s $1300 (total cost $4.48 per CD)*
1000 CD’s $2100 (total cost $3.04 per CD)*

* inclusive of standard cost. (all prices exc GST)

                                                                         What the school needs to provide.

A room for recording.
This should be:
1. large enough to accommodate the largest group of performers.
2. Reasonably quiet.
3. Have good acoustics. A room with a hard floor and lots of glass is probably not suitable. I will assess the suitability of the space prior to recording.

A co-ordinator with whom I liase with.
They will be responsible for:
1. Supplying a list of performers and the items they are performing as well as any backing track CD’s or files, at least three days before recording.
2. Organizing the performers on the recording day.
3. Supply the art work for the CD cover, booklet, label and poster.
4. Liasing with me regarding any design parameters, track order etc that the school requires.
5. Proof reading the files and finished artwork and audio.

Additional info:

From initial recording session to CD production takes between two and four weeks.

The above costs and proposal can be changed to suit your individual requirements.

I will be happy to meet with you, free of charge, to discuss and assess your project requirements.

                  About me.

My name is Andy Hamilton. I have been a professional recording engineer for 10 years, running a small project recording studio. I am also an amateur musician, song writer and band leader.

As a father of five children I have been involved with many activities within schools and pre schools including, teaching guitar, ukulele, and astronomy and giving concerts.

During the last few years I have undertaken a recording project, free of charge, similar to the one outlined in this document, at Silverdale Playcentre, Silverdale Kindergarten and Wainui School
As a result of the huge success of these projects both for the institution and for the individual children I have decided to offer it as a service to the schools in the Auckland area.

A project like this entails between 30 and 45 hours work and I have priced it as competitively as I am able.

I am passionate about giving children the opportunity to realize their creative potential and love working with them to bring out their best performances.

I can supply references from Wainui School and Silverdale Kindergarten.

To contact Andy
Ph: 09 420 4406
email: andyhamilton@xtra.co.nz
website: www.andyhamilton.co.nz